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July 09, 2008



and you could get a sign for the front door.... "please come back much later"

Beth Hurley

Hang in there, Shelley! It's SOOO worth it! I agree with the sign idea, too.


Smiling that I stumbled upon your site! I'm so far in the "click link" "click link" "click link" mode that I'm no longer sure of whom I found you through! haha Doesn't matter - I'm just thrilled I did!
I can feel your pain regarding your "way too busy to be organized" troubles. I hope things calm down for you soon! A cape would be cool though - wouldn't it? Although then you'd be expected to always be able to throw it on and BE that super-woman!
I love love love your "Hats" post! Soooo awesome!
Smiles, Lorie

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