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October 08, 2007



I love the buckets....what did you use for the bucket-part? I think autumn weather might finally be upon us...today was cool and rainy... went out and clipped some bittersweet and made a wreath...made my day!


Oh my those buckets and that quilt...so cool! Definitely worth the wait to finish. You are really talented.


WOW! martha wishes you were on her craft staff! those rock! QUilt is ROCKIN"!!! just keep adding to it, year after year, luv that idea. i have to get the sugar skulls out, maybe today.


I too have often traveled to the land of never finished projects; it is an unforgiving land! And so I congratulate you- those party favors are beautiful! I think you should make some to sell; they look very professional :)I've just discovered your blog- I'll visit again. In the meantime I would be honoured that someone with good ideas and a love for vintage and beauty would stop by my website. If you would care to- I'd really appreciate that: words.inkandescence.com


You have a lovely blog. The quilt is wonderful and I love the idea of celebrating the lives of our family who have passed on. I may be able to do that, although the quilt is way, way beyond me. My daughter is the one with all the crafting, sewing, knitting, art talent.
Keep blogging along, Kris a/k/a violetlady
P.S. My daughter is your friend Beth H.!

My blog is http://violetladyathome.blogspot.com
Come visit.


I know all about the world of never finsihed projects. Its so great when you get out of there:) Although it can be fun while it lasts.

Your talents don't stop amazing me. I love the Dia de los Muertos quilt. Its beautiful. I really like Dia de los Muertos decoration and the day in itself. They celebrate something of the same in China in february I heard. Its a nice tradtion.


I have loved the little glimpses of your life this week, Shelly. What a beautiful life it is! it feels the slightest bit like fall today, so we've scrapped school and are playing in the backyard instead. If only it would stay!


AND SO...... now you are in the Land OF Too Much Company on Upshur Rd? LOVE YA!

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