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August 18, 2007



sadly our peaches are done down here at "home". however, i am keeping the large BALL jar full of sliced cukes and onions in the icebox. my grandma kept her sliced onions in a cool whip container. i have bought cool whip just to use the container for that. my cherry tomatoes are still generously giving! the basil is on it's 3rd life as i've just cut it way back, planted it in april. p.s. don't forget you can throw a corn cob, shucks and all, into the microwave for 3 mins. let cool and eat! YUM


We must meet there some Saturday. My sister just told me about a very lefty short film about the cost of shipping food all over the country instead of buying locally. They have a huge farmer's market every week in Monterey and have missed it so. You should get paid for advertising! I'll have to get directions. I'm moving shops this weekend, but soon, I promise.

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